Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Birthday Parties

Yes, Parties.  The Little Monkey turned two and Hubs turned 50 (shhh... I don't think he's too happy about it).  So instead of throwing 2 parties on 2 different weekends and having family give up so many days, I did 2 parties in one day last Saturday.  It was a little more difficult than I thought but I think it all worked out ok.  At least both birthday boys seemed to have good time.  And Hubs claimed that I surprised him but I'm not totally convinced.

I invited family to the Little Monkey's party at 3 pm and then had friends and neighbors arrive around 6 pm for Hub's.  This way each got their own time.

Food was a difficult issue.  I just cooked for Middle Man's birthday and I just really wanted to order in something.  BUT I had 2 parties to order for and the menu was either very pricey or boring (pizza and chicken at 3 and pizza and chicken at 6).  So I decided to cook.  Again. And order in for the second party. At least the food would be safe at the first party for the Middle Man and I would figure something out for the second party.

Menu for Monkey's party:

Baked Ham (17.5 pound ham)

Italian Sausage

Baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, chives, and/or cheddar cheese





Ice cream

Menu for Hub's party:

All of the above with the addition of 2 sheet pizzas.  Safe GF pizza for Middle Man.

Did we have food left over?  Yes we did.  I had a half a ham, some sausage, baked potatoes, and sauerkraut.  The pizza went!  We had only about 6 pieces left.  So I'm assuming that everyone had enough to eat.

I still can't believe the Little Monkey is 2!  I took him for his physical yesterday and he's 27.5 pounds and 34 inches tall.  He's talking so much more and putting words together.  Right now his favorite songs are Wheels on the Bus and Grandma's Purple Car (or Yellow car. Much to my horror there are 2 versions).  His favorite foods are pancakes and pizza and he LOVES cars, trucks, balls and trains.  He's very silly.  And yes, he's still going through a screaming phase.  I asked the doc about it yesterday and she said it's just his personality (hooray).

So I have more "doings" to catch up on but I'll leave it here for now.

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barbarah said...

Wow! Hope you had a rest day after that! :) One thing I like about gatherings like that is that the leftover food helps to give a bit of a respite for a day or two, at least in the cooking department. Hard to believe Little Monkey is 2 already! Tell your husband the 50s aren't too bad, once you get used to them. :)