Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MPM... On Wednesday?

I've been slacking on menu plan posting but not on the menu planning.  I planned on posting Monday, but it was orientation day and then we had some last minute "back to school" prep to do.  The first day of school was yesterday.  We now have a 7th grader and a 5th grader.

When I first started this blog, almost 8 years ago, the boys looked like this:

Here they are off to school yesterday:

Slow down time!!  :*(

The Little Monkey and I are settling into a routine without the big boys.  And I think he misses his big brothers.  

This weeks menu plan:

Saturday:  Marinated* and Grilled London Broil, Baked Potatoes, and Creamed Kale

Sunday:  Due to unexpected company, it was left overs and snacks

Monday:  Semi homemade pizza/ GF pizza for Middle Man

Tuesday:  Greek Chicken Legs, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, Grilled Hot Hungarian Wax Peppers (from the garden)

Wednesday:  Hamburgers on the Grill, Left Over Corn, Green Beans and Kale

Thursday:  Pioneer Woman Sherried Tomato Soup, GF Garlic Bread, Salad

*Marinade for the London Broil:  1/3-1/2 cup GF Soy Sauce, 2-3 Garlic Cloves - Diced, 3 tbs. Olive Oil, Ground Ginger (I just shook the bottle 2-3 times), salt and pepper.   Combine ingredients in a large plastic bag with zipper closure, add meat, and lay flat in fridge.  I don't really measure anything for this marinade.  I had 2.5 pounds of London Broil so I used a enough gf soy sauce to cover the bottom half of the meat when I set it in the fridge.  Then I flip it every couple of hours so it gets both sides.  Marinate 4 hours to overnight.

I also made a bunch of these egg and cheese sandwiches to put in the freezer so Older Boy will have a quick breakfast to grab in the morning.  Middle Man is still allergic to eggs so he has gf toast, yogurt, fruit and/or turkey breakfast sausage.

For more Menu Plan Monday (even though it's Wednesday), visit Laura

Blessings for a wonderful week!!

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