Friday, March 02, 2012

Weekly Recap

1.  The community is still reeling for the shooting at Chardon High School that happened earlier this week.  I think it has affected everyone here in North East Ohio.  Too many copy cat's too.  Thank goodness  that due to the heightened alert, these people have been outed before anything bad happened.

2.  Our K-Mart is closing soon.  We stopped in last night because Older Boy needed something last minute for school (these types of trips are going to a lot longer once our store is gone).  I found $25.00 snow pants on sale for $11.50.  We got Older Boy a pair for next year.  We also purchased a Christmas sweater for next year for $10.00.  I would have bought gloves but they only had girls gloves left and the boys refused to wear them.

3.  Had to go to the natural foods store for the Little Man this week.  $79.00 for for 12 items.  Ouch.

4.  The meal plan for this week worked out well.  I've already done my meal plan for next week and hope to go to Wal-Mart to get most of my shopping done this week.

5.  But I have an eye doctor appointment this morning and it usually takes 2 hours.  I may have to scrap the Wal-Mart plan and just do the local grocery to get my shopping done before I pick the boys up from school.  Too bad I spent over an hour yesterday looking for sales at Wal-Mart and corresponding coupons:(

6.  I keep seeing commercials for a new show called G - C - B.  Really?  Do we really need a show with swear words in the title on regular T.V.?  (Ok so they technically changed the B to "Belles" but we know what they really mean...) I'm going with no.  And why do we need a show where grown women act like high school mean girls?  What ever happened to family friendly entertainment?  We will not be tuning in to this show.

7.  My cold is finally better.  I still feel a little stuffy but I feel like I'm in the land of the living again.  I'll take it!

8.  It's going to be in the 50's F today.  In Ohio.  In early March.  I could get used to winters like this.  Of course the good weather comes with some bad consequences.  We are supposed to get strong, severe storms tonight.  Due to what happened in our neighboring western states earlier this week, I'll be keeping an eye on the sky and an ear to my weather radio.  I hope all of the states that are supposed to get this severe weather tonight stay safe!

9.  Ski club is done for the season.  Basketball is done for the season.  And this Saturday is Older Boys last indoor soccer game.  Of course outdoor soccer is starting but at least a few of these activities are in the rear view mirror.  That leaves us with the Little Man's Tae Kwon Do (2 nights per week), soccer practice (2-3 nights per week), and physical therapy for the Little Man.  Still feels hectic but we'll do the best we can.

My weekly shopping recap will come later.  I have to factor that $79.00 from the natural foods store in there so I'm thinking this may not be a week for great savings again.

Eye doctor here I come.


Bailey's Leaf said...

I'm a dork. I had to look the show up to see what you meant. Oh my.

We were swimming lesson free today. We did a dance and K- has stayed in jammies all day long. Those days don't come by all that often.

Cold almost gone? Hooray! Hubs picked up where you left off.

Good luck at the grocery. The grocery has been horrible lately. :(

Gab said...

i don't know what that stands for either and i'm not going to look it up - i'll stay naive on this one :)