Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Weather Here Says Spring Has Arrived

The last few days here have been absolutely gorgeous!  Yesterday was 65 degrees F and today it's supposed to get to over 70 degrees.  That's what makes our family infirmary even more frustrating.  I have a hundred things to do and would like to run errands and get them done while the weather is lovely but I'm stuck in the house with sick kids.  And of course the kids would like to go out and enjoy this sunshine, but they are sick and are stuck inside looking at the sunshine through (slightly dirty) windows.

Last Tuesday, I got a call from the school that the Little Man had a headache and had been to the nurse's office two times.  I went to pick him up and he seemed fine until the evening.  Then the fever started.  The Dr. said he had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  She prescribed him Augmentin but due to the fact that he vomited that up every time we gave it to him, we called and switched him to Omnicef and he kept that down.  He was sick all weekend, but went back to school on Monday.

But last night Older Boy said his head hurt.  And he has a fever.  So now he's home with me.

I just hope that the ick stops there.  Please let hubs and I stay healthy!

Due to the lovely weather, I do have the windows cracked to try and air the house out.

I have lots of organizing projects to work on so I'll look on the bright side and get a jump on those while I'm housebound.  And maybe if Older Boy feels a bit better, I'll drag him outside for a leisurely walk.  But I'm not holding out for that.

Due to illness, hubs travel and changes of plans, my menu plan for the week has already been reworked several times.

Friday:  Roasted Red Pepper Soup and homemade bread (gf)
Saturday:  Roasted Chicken
Sunday:  Roasted Chicken
Monday:  Tacos
Tuesday:  Red Beans and Rice
Wednesday:   Chicken Thighs
Thursday:  Baked Potato Soup

We decided to go baby furniture shopping on Saturday.  Due to lack of time we changed the menu to  homemade pizza for the Little Man and Italian take out for the rest of us.

Sunday I did roast 2 chickens so they ate chicken on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (I still have some left but I can't make them eat it four days in a row).

Hubs traveled to Chicago on Monday so tacos got pushed back (the boys had chicken)

Tuesdays Red Beans and Rice got diverted due to all the chicken I had left over.  Hubs and Older Boy had chicken salad sandwiches and the Little Man had plain chicken dipped in BBQ sauce.  I added baked potato and veggies to that.

Due to Older Boys LOVE of tacos I think I'll bump those to next week when hopefully everyone is feeling better.

Today we'll stick with Chicken Thighs and hopefully tomorrow we'll stick with the Baked Potato Soup.

That's the beauty of a menu plan.  It's a living document.  Tacos and Red Beans and Rice will go to next week so those are two meals I won't have to purchase anything for.  And I purchased my corned beef, cabbage and saurkraut for St. Patrick's Day last week, so I'm covered there too.  This week *should* be a light week.  At least I hope so.

Last week's shopping didn't seem to net any savings either.  I went to 2 local drugstores and a local grocery store (all three are basically in the same plaza) and purchased necessities from the sale flyer and had some coupons.  I loaded up on some toiletries that I don't need now but that will come in handy in the future.  These things were on sale so I picked them up now.  But I totally didn't save any money.  Period.  Maybe this week....


Nowheymama said...

Hey! You won the book re-draw on my blog. Send me your info and I'll forward it to the publisher. :)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Oh yes. The flu season (I've heard) is delayed because of our lack of winter. We can't open the windows because of the high pollen count and Hubs is dying just from outdoor exposure. I do have laundry on the line, but none of Hubs, as I don't want him sleeping wrapped in the pollen that is ailing him.

Omnicef? Eeee-ghad! I've got stories about Omnicef. It worked, but the side effects were lovely. :S

Your proposed menu sounds delightful. Yum!

Enjoy the weather!

PEA said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear that the boys have been sick. Fingers crossed that you don't also get it! Touch wood but I haven't caught anything at all this winter which surprises me since I've been to the clinic a few times with my mom where I had people coughing and sneezing all over me! lol I usually get a couple of head colds but nothing so far. I don't get the flu, honestly! I've never gotten a flu shot in my life either. My immune system must be pretty good! lol

I can never plan menus ahead for the week because I just never know what each day will bring...I'd be forever changing it around! lol xoxo