Friday, February 17, 2012

Sore Throat, No Sleep, Look Out Friday Here I Come

UGH.  The school called on Wednesday to come and get the Little Man because he had a sore throat and a stomach ache.  I took him to Urgent Care since his pediatrician would have been closed by the time we got there.  Normally I wouldn't have reacted so quickly but we just got a letter home from school saying that strep was rampant so I figured I better be on the safe side.  Strep test came back negative and the Doc said that it's just a virus.  I knew I'd get it.  We waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes (weird since we were the only ones there) and he was lying on me the whole time and breathing straight in my face.

So yesterday, I got it.  My throat hurts, I'm achy, I've been awake since 3 AM.  This doesn't bode well for me or for anyone else around me today.  Luckily the boys are off of school today so I don't have to get out of my P.J.'s.

Oh and the Little Man is F.I.N.E.  He's mended.  It appears that his was a 24 hour sore throat virus.  You know I won't be that lucky....

In other news, the Valentine's Day party at school went off without a hitch.  The kids seemed to like the games and the Little Man made it through reaction free.

The Little Man makes his First Communion in May.  Due to all his allergies, especially the wheat allergy, we are working with the priest to come up with a safe plan for him.  There's no host that he can take, but he should be fine receiving the wine, he just needs his own cup.  Taking the Blood of Christ from the communal cup would not be safe for him so that's what we have to work out.  The priest is being very helpful so I don't anticipate any issues.

For a while there everyone kept saying "We offer a low gluten host".  My response was always NO.  He's not allergic to gluten, he's allergic to wheat and the host is still made with water and wheat starch.  I confirmed this with our allergist on Tuesday when we were there.  The allergist said it's still not safe because the proteins are present and he would still have a reaction.  He also confirmed my insistence regarding getting the Little Man his own cup.  Even though the possibility of a reaction would be remote, it could happen if there is back wash and particles from a host end up in the communal cup.  These were things I pretty much already knew, hence my insistence of no low gluten host and getting him his own cup.  But I wanted to to confirm all this with the allergist just to be sure that I wasn't being over protective.  

As soon as the husband gets up for work, I'm heading back up to bed.  It literally hurts to sleep but at least I can get all cozy under the covers.  I just hope that the boys realize that mom is crabby and doesn't feel well and I hope they are on their best behavior.  I mom can hope, right?


Bailey's Leaf said...

My face is all scrunchy thinking of backwash. EEEEEEEKKKKKK!

As for you, take much care of yourself girlie. We power out Vitamin C (2 in AM and 2 in PM) when we are ill. Seems to do the non-medicative trick.

Be well!

Jane Anne said...

Communion is something I've been thinking about, too. I was thinking about that this week. Will we bring him his own bread? I'm just not sure how that will work out except that my son will refuse to do if he cannot be sure it is safe.

I hope you feel better soon.