Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Saxophone

Do you have a child that plays the saxophone and you don't play an instrument?  I do.  I played the flute (too many years ago to even mention).  We didn't have reeds.  So when he came to me today with a broken reed and a new reed and needed help, I was confused on how to put the new one in.  Took me 10 minutes to realize that I needed help.

I found this guy on YouTube and he explains how to put the instrument together in easy to understand instructions (even a non musical mother got it).

Sometimes YouTube can be very helpful.  Thank you Mr. Hornsmasher John (I don't think that's his real name) from

Oh and here's another FYI, we are coming into the Lenten season and I found paczki at the grocery store last night.  Get 'em while you can. The Little Man can't have them due to allergies, but I've already eaten quite a few (I'd try to make allergy friendly ones, but my record with these types of things has been dismal).  He does get a kick out of THIS webpage though.  Who wouldn't like staring at big donut while listening to polka music? (or maybe it's just us...)


Bailey's Leaf said...

The Methodists do Lent, I believe. Since we're hanging with them, let me know when Lent begins. Haven't done that one since I was 7 and that has been quite a number of years ago.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

It begins on Wednesday February 22nd this year. Lent is my favorite season of the liturgical calendar :)