Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mid Week Check In

Hi it's me.  I did a menu plan this week, but never got  around to posting it.  I made a minestrone soup last night that wasn't a big hit.  You're not missing much.

Today I've been working on one of the activities I'd like to use with the boys during Lent (Ash Wednesday is February 22, 2012 so Lent is right around the corner).  This year I want to use resurrection eggs.  I found a really cute resurrection tree at Secrets Of A Super Mom.  I'm not sure that I'm that crafty or creative so you can still do this activity without the tree.  You can find more examples of Resurrection Eggs at

I also need to clean both upstairs bathrooms today.  If I get all that done, I will feel like I actually accomplished something.

One thing I think I'm not going to do anymore (maybe I'll give it up for Lent...) is read the news.  The news lately is completely depressing and leaves me with a heavy heart.  I have real concerns for the state of our country.  At least one headline shocks me every day.  I know that no great civilization can stay on top forever but I feel like we are just nose diving to the bottom as quickly as we can and laughing all the way there because we are too ignorant to see it coming (stepping off soap box).

The boys school also started a rosary prayer group every Wednesday before pick up.  I'm planning on going there today too.   Saying the rosary more is one of the things that I chose to work on in the new year and this fits right into my plan.  Plus last week it was just me and the man running it, so I don't want to let him down.

We had a small "just the four of us" party for the Older Boys birthday last Sunday and this Sunday is his "extended family" party.  I have most of what I need bought already but there are a few last minute items that need to be picked up.  So the rest of the week I will be getting that together (I'm only doing appetizers and cupcakes so it's not that difficult).

I'm also doing things for both boys Valentine's Day school parties next week.  I already have the treat bags put together for Older Boys class.  I just need to come up with a few more games for the Little Man's class.  I didn't sign up for games but no one else did either.  I opted to do it because then I get to be in the class room and make sure that everything is kept safe allergy-wise.  So far I have Sweet Shoppe Bingo but I need a few other ideas.  I'm rolling around a hot potato type of game but I'm working with 14 boys and 2 girls and not too sure how well that will work.  I did a hot potato game with a blow up ginger man for Christmas one year and they ended up beating each other with it and eventually popped him.  I'll take any suggestions that you can give me for safe, boy friendly games PLEASE!

Well that's all for now for the mid-week check in.  Hope you are having a wonderful week too!


Barbara H. said...

I've seen various version of the Resurrection Eggs in Christian bookstores.

I agree about the headlines. Usually I just listen to the radio news once a day or so. This country definitely needs help, but as you said, most people don't see the need or realize the way things in general are going.

The hot potato game does sound like it could get dangerous with people throwing them hard instead of tossing or passing them. You could have a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey -- maybe pin the heart on....something. The figure of a man, maybe. Or a Valentine's version of Pictionary if you don't think that would be too hard for that age.

You know, when my kids were small sometimes I felt beleaguered with their classroom parties and activities, but I kind of miss them now.

Barbara H. said...

Found a list of Valentine-themed classroom party games at the bottom of this:

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Thanks Barbara! I think I'll use the valentine Pictionary. It's too risky to do hot potato with all those boys even if I was going to use a stuffed animal. I fear for the stuffed animal:)

Bailey's Leaf said...

I bought my resurrection eggs at Berean many years ago. K- loves them and I do them with the kids at our family Easter egg hunt.

I would have eaten your soup and I wouldn't have complained.

News? I've stopped watching it. I'll pick up the paper, but my life is so much more upbeat without it. I know that it is important to stay informed and all, but geeze oh Pete.

Super Mom to the rescue with the Valentine's parties, eh? Bless your heart. I need to think of some boy games. I'll get back to you should I think of some.

BTW, we have stuffed potatoes that sing at work. Of course I have stuffed singing potatoes at work. Who else would?