Saturday, May 10, 2008

The start of T-ball 2008

Today was older boys first T-ball practice which opens the 2008 season. Hubby is coaching (I will not comment on that - lol) this year. Our community sports program is completely unorganized and messed up. So we've been trying to figure out what's going on for the season the past several weeks and still don't have everything nailed down yet. The first game is next Saturday. We still don't have a practice schedule and the shirts just came in and were able to be picked up today. I went and picked them up for Hubby since it was at the same time as practice started. It was me and all of the baseball coaches. Those baseball coaches are real serious about the game. They were strategizing and trying to one up each other while we waited in line. They were actually real goons. I'm not looking forward to the boys moving up to play baseball. You'd think that actual talent scouts were coming to look at the players. And trust me, they're not.

But anyway, I picked up our stuff and took it out to practice where I was to drop it off and return home to work out. When I got there I was informed that I needed to stay the whole time to hand out shirts after the practice to each player. Ok, I'll miss my workout but I'm a team player.

I had the Little Man with me and because I didn't plan on staying I didn't have anything with me to entertain him. I had no toys, no chairs, no snacks, etc. I had NOTHING for him to do. But he amused himself. I was talking to another parent when I heard "Boys, don't do that", and I turned around to see him and his cohort in crime wearing batting helmets and hitting each other in the head with bats. Well, at least they were smart enough to put the helmets on.

And apparently I wasn't needed to hand out shirts after all. So I missed my workout for nothing. Sigh....

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