Friday, May 16, 2008

Question of the day?

Q: How do you know that you are a food allergy mom with PMS?

A: A mother at your sons gym class whips out pistachio's in the waiting area for her kids snack and you have an overwhelming urge to stab her in the rump with an EPI pen. She did ask if any of the kids sitting there were allergic to nuts (my son was in the gym and not in the room, and since it's apparently not a nut free gym, I didn't feel it was my place to say anything), and then she preceded to let her kids cover all the toys with nut residue from their hands.

So you are aware of nut allergies but you feel nuts are a good snack to bring to a children's gym? Thanks lady. We appreciate your concern.


Modern Allergy Mom said...

Ok - this is not a funny issue, but the part about stabbing her in the rump with and EPI pen made me LOL.:)
I also got annoyed when I took my kids to gymnastics and they have vending machines with peanut butter crackers and and ice cream case! Of course the ice cream was laden with nuts etc etc. My kids and I argued every week about that fact that they could not have ice cream at 10 in the morning, in spite of the fact that it had nuts. Ugh!

Jen said...

I completely understand your frustration.

Neither of my children have food allergies and I was completely unaware of how many children have them and how serious they can be until I started working for a preschool. We actually offer peanut free classrooms.

Anyways, I just had no wouldn't have even been on my radar at all before my job.

I appreciate you trying to educate but please try and not assume the worst...we are all trying to do our best. :) They just have no clue!

pinkexplosion said...

I would have paid money to have been there if her kids ate one and started licking the toys. Seriously though I agree with you 100% I just am feeling a bit sarcastic today.