Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Thing Comes Off The "To Do List"

and one thing gets added.

I got the Easter outfits today:


You don't see pants here because both boys have numerous khaki pants and both have navy so whatever I decide to go with, we are already covered.

We also started on the Easter eggs and crafts:


With them its a process. We do a little at a time. If we tried to all the crafts in one night our house would be covered in paint. We'll do more this weekend.

The one thing that got added to my list is a hair cut for the Little Man. I took them both not too long ago and Older Boys hair (although currently messy) doesn't need cut, but the Little Man's hair grows really fast and his hair is getting too long and he woke up this morning with a giant Mohawk and I couldn't get it fixed for school. So he went to school with a slightly punk look.

Hair cut for Little Man has been added for next week. I think that will bump spring pictures out for after Easter. Which is fine by me.

Here's my crazy crew:




Bev said...

Love love the photos of those little boys! Nice 'big boy' outfits too. Looks very springy!

annie said...

Such nice looking outfits for Easter!

Barbara H. said...

Love those cute outfits!!

Org Junkie said...

How cute are those outfits...and your boys of course :)

LISE said...

Your boys will look great in these outfits. I like the match of colors.

Aimee said...

I see we both turned to The Children's Place for our boys' Easter outfits :)

Now I just have to get the girls outfits -- oh yeah, and something for myself! I've got plenty of time, right?! ;)

twithhoney said...

I love seeing little boys in ties! Not too many families dress up for Easter like this anymore. They're going to look so handsome.

PS - I gave you an award. You're blog has made me more aware of what children with allergies have to deal with. Thank you for helping me be more understanding!

Christie O. said...

cute outfits!! (we got very similar ones hahahahahhaha! at children's place. love them!!)

PEA said...

I so love both those outfits...very Spring like and they'll look so handsome wearing them:-) Tell them I think they did a fabulous job with the eggs and crosses...wish they could come here and make some for me!! Love those pictures of them...both look so mischievous! hehe

Norma said...

They will look so sharp!

Happy Momma said...

What great outfits!

Michelle said...

I bet they look adorable in those outfits!