Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Stuff

After I wrote my scathing post yesterday about the peanut responses, I felt horrible. Not about the post (I still think those people are "nuts" for being angry at a small child), but because I'm coming down with a bug. I ache all over and my head hurts horribly. I spent the better part of the afternoon, from 3 pm until I fell asleep in bed. Good news there is that I was able to watch a whole season of "America's Next Top Model" (obviously there was nothing on TV yesterday). I had so many plans for yesterday and all of them got shelved. No trips to Home Depot. No catching up on laundry. No flank steak for dinner (see Barb for the recipe). Nothing. Today doesn't appear to be much better. I woke up achy and my head still hurts. I think I'll be skipping church this morning (Sorry God, but I don't want to pass this on to the masses), and hopefully as the day wears on I'll feel better. Maybe I can at least get some laundry done. I was hoping to scrap book today, but I don't think that'll happen either. We have a busy week ahead and being sick is not in the forecast for me. I just hope the boys don't get this (hubby either).

I love the responses I got to yesterdays post. Yes, I was angry when I wrote that. I thought about going back in and editing myself, but that is how I was feeling at the time, so I left it. That's me and if you read it, then you read me. Since it's my blog, I guess I don't have to censor myself :) I just want to clarify that I wasn't angry about the "non peanut free school". I was angry at the attitude toward the boy himself. He's six. He didn't ask for an allergy. There is no need for adults to speak about him that way. My son has so many allergies (egg and wheat being his most severe) that I could never ask for a "free" school. Besides, in my opinion, my son needs to learn to advocate for himself and learn how to live in the real world. But maybe that child's allergy prohibits him from doing that. We could at least have compassion.

News from blog land: Don't forget about Heather on Wednesday April 18Th. Donations or Prayers are appreciated.
Kelli could use some prayers right now too. She's going through a difficult time.
And please keep Andria in your prayers. They should be adding a new addition to their family this week.

OK, I think that's it. I've given you a lot to pray about. Sorry to ask for so much. I'll try to keep the requests to a minimum for a while. Have a wonderful and blessed week!


PEA said...

Oh dear, I do hope you're feeling better soon! Better to rest as much as you can for the next couple of days!! xoxo

org junkie said...

Oh Janeen, I do hope you feel better soon. And I'm so glad you didn't sensor yourself in yesterday's post. I loved reading your passion and compassion. Getting the word out about food allergies is always a good thing and I appreciate that.
Saying a prayer for your quick recovery,

Laurel Wreath said...

I pray you feel better soon. It is so hard for mommy to be sick. Blessings.

Sue said...

I hope you feel better Janeen. It stinks being sick and taking care of the kids. I hope yesterday allowed you the rest you needed so you are better today.

Please - no censoring please. I didn't either. :)

Barb said...

You know, I didn't take your post that way at all. It really seemed more like a simple statement to me.

And you're right - it's your blog - you don't have to edit yourself after the fact. I feel like that sometimes, too, especially when I do an emotional post like the one I did yesterday. But I usually just leave it and move on. This is me, the real me, and how I was feeling when I wrote it.

I really hope you feel better soon. It sounds miserable and let's hope it doesn't make a run through your family. There's no way I could do much of anything if I felt the way you do right now.

amy said...

I so hope you feel better. I am jealous you got to watch a whole season of Americas Top Model. I have yet to see a whole season. Im glad you wrote that post. I do not have children but as a nurse to a variety of kids, I appreciated your post!

On another note, over at Amy's random thoughts we are staring a blogging scavenger hunt on May 1st. Prizes to be announced later this week!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so horrible! Unfortunately I know how you feel since I felt all achy like that when I was sick a couple of weeks ago.

I really hope you can catch this in time and nip it in the bud! I hope this doesn't knock you out; it's hard being a mommy AND getting sick!

Get well soon!

Barbara H. said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well!! Hope it blows over soon and that no one else gets it.

I think it is perfectly natural to be angry about the attitudes of some people -- I thought you were perfectly justified in your comments. We have such a "Have it your way" society that people can't tolerate not having ti their own way -- it's really sad.

I'm just coming up for air after the past week, but I wanted to thank you for your comments on my post about eye trouble. I like the suggestion about getting a third opinion but not saying, at least at first, what other doctors have said.

I do have a problem with night vision -- it has something to do with the contrast between the darkness and the headlights. But streetlights and such do have a haze around them.

I have had a couple of optical migraines -- scary!!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts